An important message:

To our donors and supporters,

Over the past 4 years you have partnered with us to effect positive, lasting change in the lives of countless children in Uganda. Here is a quick summary of all that we have been able to do together:

  • Supported 700+ children at the Royal School & Orphanage for nearly 3 years, providing over 1 million meals, among other completed projects
  • Addressed many medical issues before they became larger problems, in a place where sufficient medical care is difficult to come by, let alone afford.
  • Built 3 permanent latrines, to replace costly and unsanitary temporary ones.
  • Built 4 new school buildings, in some cases where classes were being held outside under trees
  • Built 4 wells, providing clean and safe drinking water, the most scarce resource on the African continent
  • Built 3 chicken houses, providing supplemental food and income for our schools.

If you can imagine yourself in the place of these children, you can quickly see the difference this has made in the quality of their lives and education. There are also many benefits that cannot be quantified in such a list. Think about the shift in your worldview if you knew that, in the struggle of poverty and unclean or unsafe learning conditions, you found out that there were people from your own country and others who cared enough to reach out and help bridge the gaps that you were unable to fill yourself. For this and so much more, we offer our sincerest gratitude to you.

Our goal, from the very beginning, was to put these children in a position where they no longer needed us, where the schools could operate efficiently for years to come and provide a quality education without involvement from overseas. We believe that we have achieved this goal, and that it is time for LoveGrows to go into a state of hibernation. We are in the process of finishing a few remaining projects, and we have the funds in place to cover the costs. Once they are finished, LoveGrows will cease its operations in Uganda.

What does this mean for our sponsors? All recurring sponsorship payments have been halted, and your money will no longer be drafted each month. If you are sending a check to us each month, please cease to do so as they will no longer be deposited. As in previous years, you will receive a contribution statement at the end of the year for tax purposes. You will no longer receive correspondence from your sponsored child, and we believe this is to be celebrated. These children are far better off than we found them, and you contributed to this by believing in what we are doing and sacrificially giving your money to this cause. It is now time for them and the staff of these schools to look forward, providing for themselves in ways they could not have before. LoveGrows will still exist as an organization in case, at some point in the future, we find another cause that captures us as this one did. If that time comes, we hope to find that you are willing to support us again. If you have questions, we can still be reached at

Running an entirely volunteer operation with 100% pass-through of donated funds is difficult, and without your support it would have been impossible. Please join us in celebrating the work we have done together, and above all please offer prayers of thanksgiving, as are we, for the grace God has extended to us to allow this work to happen.

In gratitude,

The LoveGrows Team